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Trackman Range

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The TrackMan Range is a super-friendly stand-alone gaming and practice station for your driving range. The entire system including a TrackMan radar unit and touch screen monitor are connected from your range to the Internet. All playing sessions including stats and images are
uploaded in real-time to the user’s profile on On, players can review, share and compare sessions at their leisure, take part in monthly matches,contests and much more.

For more information click this link.  Trackman Range.


Putting Basic and Equipment

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Putting is a game within a game and with such a variety of putter models on the market and all sorts of putting style on the market no wonder that golfers are baffled as to where to start.  Putting is in fact almost the only part of the game of golf that a absolute beginner can hit the ball.

Why? It’s simple the putter does not have to travel that far to hit the ball as there is no need to create very much power.  However if you speak to a tour player then they will tell you that putting is the most important thing.
So what does it take to be a good putter? The club face is king here and to deliver the club face squarely to the ball at impact is vital.  Then there is the swing path or swing arc.  Ideally you would like the swing path to be moving in the direction of your target. Then we need to look at the angle of decent or assent of the swing at impact with the loft of the club which helps control the spin of the ball. Where we hit the ball on the club face is vital to distance control and finally the rhythm and speed of the putter at impact.  If you do all of the above and have the correct putter to fit you then you would have to say you would naturally learn to be a good putter.

Let’s look at the club face at impact as I previously said that this king in terms of holing more putts.  So aiming must be important?  Not as important as you might think.  It’s where the putter comes back at impact which counts.  I have seen some great putters over time that aim way off target but get the butter back square to the target at impact.  So the key is to find the mixture of head position in relation to the ball both in terms of forward and back and left to right at address and that’s your head not the club head, the grip, ball position and initial aim. These factors have more influence on the putter face at impact.  Each player must find their own way with the help of a coach to combine these elements to come up with a formula to get the putter face pointing in the desired direction at impact.
For a great choice of putters look at Scotty Cameron Putters and Yes Putters.

K-Trainer released

Saturday, June 5th, 2010


The developers of the K-vest have just released the K-trainer which offer coaches, trainers, physiotherapist and other medical professionals another dimension to their equipment and service.

The K-trainer allows your customers to use the K –Trainer technology just like a personal trainer.  Coaches can set drills for students including reps and programs which will utilise the auditory and biomechanical feedback that the K-trainer offers.  Each session can be customised to suit individual needs.

Please contact for availability and pricing and for more information go to

K Trainer

K Trainer

Golf Underwear

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

With the likes of Ross Fisher and Hunter Mahan sporting Under Armour Golf compression technology there must be something to this and it’s not just Golf almost every time I see a footballer take off his shirt after scoring a goal there is some sort of underwear underneath except maybe the Newcastle plays well may be the supporters they are a hard lot up there. So what’s it all about? It about keeping your body regulated correctly so that your muscles and mind can perform at their highest level. I thought that was the job of the skin, it’s a pretty sophisticate piece of equipment to keep the body at a constant temperature however wearing clothing stops the body from working as it should and then there is the actual temperature itself and we know that in the cold, blood flow to the extreme parts of the body is reduced leading to a lack of feel. So the likes of Under Armour Golf and Galvin Green Clothing enables the body to cool and to warm it really a second skin.

Smash Factor and Spin Loft

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Smash factor – The ratio between the ball speed and the club speed.

As a parameter, it is an expression of the player’s ability to generate ball speed based on a given club speed. Technically, the smash factor says a lot about the centeredness of impact and the solidity of the shot - there is a strong correlation between the degree of centeredness at impact and the obtained smash factor.

Here’s an example. If the player swings his club at 100mph and the ball speed is 140mph then his smash factor will be 1.40But if the golfer could obtain a smash factor of 1.48 with a more controlled swing having a lower club speed of 98 mph, the ball speed would be increased to 145 mph – i.e. an additional 5 mph ball speed by swinging slower. Since 1 more mph ball speed (all other things equal) will generate 2 more yards carry, an extra 10 yards is added to the drive in this case by swinging with more control! Further, the more controlled swing will most likely have a very positive effect on dispersion.

Hitting the ball well will improve your ball speed /smash factor this is where most amateur golfers go wrong by trying to hit the ball hard they loose control and make more off centre hits. From a coaches perspective it would be easy to help the pupil improve their ball striking rather than increase their club head speed.

So what is the highest smash factor you can achieve?? Well there are other factors that will influence smash factor. One is coefficient of restitution between club and ball (COR) and the other is Spin Loft. But tour players try and head for around 1.47

This then tells us that if you were to swing a heavy club at the same speed as a lighter club the ball will go further. Usually though a heavy club is swing slower and there may be a loss of control. It’s worth having a play with one club to experiment how this effect you as an individual. Everyone has a different strength.

The USGA and R&A set a limit for the coefficient of Resistance (COR) to 0.83.

Spin Loft – The angle between the club face orientation (actual loft) and the club head direction. (Attack angle)

SPIN LOFT = Dynamic (”delivered”) Loft —(minus) Attack Angle

We have a driver with 10° of loft.

If we have a level strike, with a delivered loft of 10° (no forward or backward lean), the spin loft will be 10°.

If we have a forward leaning shaft of 2°, and a delivered loft of 8° (because in this example, we are delofting the 10° head), and a downward strike of 2°, we have the same damn spin loft of 10°.
If we can accomplish a forward lean of 2°, and a upward strike of 1°, and a delivered loft of 8°, we get a SPIN LOFT of 7° and more ball speed, thus a higher smash factor.

EYE Fi SD card ideal for Casio High Speed Cameras

Friday, December 11th, 2009

So let’s talk about the new Eye FI SD card for the Casio range of cameras.  There are two choices in our view.  Either the Eye Fi Video Share or the Eye FI video pro but it will all depend on where you coach.
The Share version needs to use a Wi-Fi zone to transfer the data to your machine so for those or you that do not have WI FI access where you coach then this is not the SD card for you.  The Pro version however is able to use Ad hoc technology so as long as your computer has WI FI then your will be able to transfer the data with ease.
The range is also impressive if you are using outdoors you can transfer data up to 90 feet away and indoors 45 feet away.  Just think no cables a god send for us coaches.
The Eye Fi card is a must have solution for the Casio camera. 

Go to our Eye fi card page on our site to purchase.

Casio Exilim Pro EX-FX1

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Casio Exillim EX F1 camera on test

Casio have a range of SLR cameras that are perfect for anyone who wishes to capture high speed video at what is a moderate price point. In this article we take a look at Casio’s flagship model the Exillim EX F1.

So how do they work what are the plus and minuses of the cameras and are they right for me?

So let’s start with the frame rate.  Well at 300 fps you do get quality motion video giving you impact almost all of the time.  Compare this to a regular camcorder there is no contest so the first plus in the camera.  The screen on the F1 is large and positioned at the rear of the camera and makes for a good playback facility on the camera itself with a jog shuttle.  You are also able to edit the clip on the camera itself keeping the file size down when you come to transfer the files. We have integrated the Casio file format which is a .mov (quicktime) movie into our flagship software GASP lab and you are also able to play/view the clip in quicktime Apple’s free application.  Apple’s quicktime application does not however give you the ability to move frame by frame.

So there must be some drawbacks in the camera which is a quarter of the price of other high speed cameras.  Well you guessed it.  The pixel size of the image is smaller and even though the F1 is the largest of the pixel sizes in their high speed camera range the video is slighted blown up to fit into a window on your PC or you have to look at a smaller image on the screen.

The clip is only captured in slow motion to the Casio so you are unable to play the clip at full speed.

You also have to import the clip from the camera in a similar fashion to a photo on a stills camera rather than live stream and capture in our software.  This takes around 20 seconds to do.

Lighting is an issue also especially indoors.   Shutter speed need to be around 1/2000 and at 300 frames per second a substantial amount of light is needed more than a camcorder and substantially more than a CCTV which is more light sensitive.

So in conclusion the CASIO Exilim EX – F1 is a must have coaches gadget especially if you coach outside in the sunlight and the link below which you can freely download will demonstrate the great quality that you can achieve.

Indoors though it’s not the best solution due to the amount of light available and in an environment where perhaps the live stream video camera are faster and more instant in their capture there may be a better option even though a more pricey solution.

For more technical information select Casio High Speed Cameras

Golf shoes an overlooked element that will help you improve your game.

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Golf shoes are as important a piece of equipment for the everyday golfer and quite often overlooked by the average player and sometimes by the better players as well.

The reason is we buy shoes mainly on how comfortable they feel and also by the way they look and their waterproof qualities.

Even though these things are important the one thing that is vital is that they give you stability and traction on the course.

Many coaches will tell you that your downswing starts from the floor up.  Just imagine how little distance you would get if you played all of your shots from the surface of a skating rink. Here you would have no traction at all leading to a loss of power.

Golf shoes should offer traction to the floor either with spikes or soft spikes but also support the foot in such a way that the foot is not moving around inside.  In skiing for example the ski boots offer such support they protect the ankles as well as the foot.

In the backswing the lower body starting with the feet of course should offer resistance allowing other joints and muscle groups above them to stretch.  An important element to a golfer is the coiling / stretching ability of the whole body and without the feet being secure power will be lost and it may also affect the timing. 

The transition to the downswing starts with the lower body moving the weight to the left but also you will see an increase in pressure on the floor happening as well.  You see this movement in other sports as well such as tennis.

With this added pressure down and the rotation of the body starting to happen having good traction is vital not only to help with the power release but also the balance as well.

So sound advice when purchasing a new pair of shoes is to consider how the shoe fits you.  It should be firm on the foot and not sloppy if you want to have the shoes help you with your performance.

For more information go to Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco Golf Shoes

Club Fitting In Drivers

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Has the time come that many club fitters have been waiting for.  The New TaylorMade R9 Driver offers something different to the golfer and the fitter.  The head design allows for the loft, face angle to be altered.  So this must be good, one club fits all except for the shaft that is.  Saves the golf shop from having a host of demo clubs to find the right fit.  Or are we getting a little lazy and covering up the cracks in our customers swings compensating for their swing errors by finding remedies for their short coming by having club faces that are closed or open, weight distribution flying the ball higher and lower.

What happens when you find the perfect driver that compensated for the poor swing then they go to a fairway, rescue or iron and the old bad shot comes back?Should we not be fixing the golfer first then finding the right club?

TaylorMade R9 driver MArch 2009 release

TaylorMade R9 driver March 2009 release

I had a pupil for a lesson/fitting the other day and he was launching the ball too low so the obvious choice here was to sell him a club that had more loft or a more flexible shaft.  One thing though his attack angle was 6 degrees down which is way too low caused by a strong grip position in the main and a poor ball position.

So now I had to make a choice, fix the grip and ball position and look again at his launch and spin or sell him a more flexible club with greater loft, what would you choose?  I made my decision based on how much time the pupil has to devote to changing his game.  I always point out both options and let them choose its their game after all.