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GASP Lab 4 specifications

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

GASP Lab 4 Specifications and option sheet now available. No matter what devices you have there will be something to suit your needs within GASP Lab 4



GASP Lab 4 Preview at Golf Europe 2013

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

GASP Lab 4 will be available for demo at Golf Europe 2013.  Some of our new features are listed below.

Our brand new interface enables you un-dock and move windows to separate screens or even rearrange your display to suit your coaching style.  Other new feature are listed below.

· New launch monitor design so using all launch monitors, with animated flight and stats.  This means a great solution for indoor studios using a projector or large TV as the range view can be un-docked dragged to another screen to completely fill that screen.

· Complete twitter, facebook integration so coaches can take snips from any window and send via facebook and twitter without having to open those applications. The live feeds will also populate the GASPlab 4 program making things easier for coaches to communicate.

· Sam force plate as well as mobile pressure system and AMTI force plate (measures shear force)

· Increased video quality through our new capture system.

· Integration with USB 3 cameras both HD and 550 fps

.         Integrated to our online system and ebook.

.         Embedded diary withing our online diary/scheduling system.

.         Fill mail merge system for Newsletters.

GASP System Daylight Bundle

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Samsung have just release the 9 series laptop.  It’s a perfect solution for the coach who travels where a light unit, high bright screen and longer battery life are important.  The build quality is fantastic very durable and as a direct comparison to the feature on the macbook air in our opinion is far superior.

In our testing from switch on to ready to us it took our test machine 12 seconds to load up, where a Macbook air took over 20 seconds.  Against a standard laptop well sometimes my unit takes over 50 seconds.

The Samsung Notebook 900X3A is beautifully crafted to weigh an incredible 1.31kg and constructed with a sleek 16.3mm thin Duralumin shell, which is the same material used to build aircrafts! Its stunning design, with flowing curves, packs in a huge mobile performance. The SuperBright Plus LED screen delivers 16 million colours and a market-leading 400nit brightness is 100% brighter than a normal 13” notebook. And with a backlit keyboard, you can enjoy HD movies and games, day or night. Adding to the outstanding performance is the Intel® Core™ i5 Processor and the improved Solid-State Drive. So, the 900X3A is definitely the one to watch.

GASP System is now offering the Samsung Series 9 laptop in its outdoor bundle with GASP HS software £999, Computer Tripod, Casio FH100 Camera, camera tripod.  Total Price £1899 excl. vat and shipping.


Extra Service and Renenue From Using The Ebook

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Paul SherringtonSee what Paul Sherrington PGA Professionl says about our Ebook solution.

“I have been a professional now for 15 years and have been at Four Ashes Golf Centre all that time where I am a full time coach. I have been a GASP Systems customer now for almost 10 years and during that time I have used their system to help me with my coaching…. Earlier this year I upgraded to GASP Lab at first to take advantage of some of the programs new features. Steve Gould at GASP said I should give the GASP ebook solution a go, as many of GASP’s customers he said were increasing their revenue by using EBOOK as well as improving their communication with their students.

At first like all things new I was a little sceptical, but I could see the benefits in principle so I decided to do a little market research before I committed. I asked as many students as I could over a period of 2 - 3 weeks and found that a good proportion of my students would be prepared to subscribe to their own personal ebook manual. Over the last couple of months I have 45 students signed up who pay a yearly fee which is the same as an hours lesson.

As a busy full time golf coach its very difficult for me to increase my income without increasing the pupils I take. There lies the problem for me as I’m pretty full in the season with no extra time, however the ebook almost adds no time to my day, increasing my income, improving my service, promoting me as a brand and improving customer loyalty long term. I do the students analysis during the lessons and upload all of my ebooks in the evening when I get home or at the end of the day. .

To all Golf Professionals who want to increase their income substantially, improve their service I recommend GASP Systems Ebook as it will become as important in time to me as the actual analysis program itself.”

Importing and Saving Video Clips

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Gleneagles Golf Academy

Friday, May 21st, 2010

We have just upgraded the Gleneagles Golf Academy from their existing Dartfish Coaching system to the Gasplab system in both of their studios.  This includes the GASP Lab video software along with the 3D biomechanics systems from K-Vest enableing Gleneagles to offer not just quality video lessons on their golf range and studio’s but also do a full screening of their customers and pupils with the K-vest.  For anyone interested in getting a first class analysis of their golf game you would need to look no further than Gleneagles.

Not only will Gleneagles be able to have quality instruction with the latest technology they will also be able to view their lessons by mobile phone and GASP systems ebook solution which will help pupils stay in touch with their coaches.

Gleneagles Golf Academy

Gleneagles Golf Academy

Professional Introductions For Ebooks manuals and Internet Lessons

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

GASP Systems are now offering professional quality introductions for Internet lessons and ebooks an example of a title introduction can be seen below.

GASP systems Launches Ebook manual at Golf Europe 2009

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our online ebook manual for students with rave reviews at Golf Europe 2009. 

The system will allow students to view not only video lessons and drills but also to add text, reviews and pictures producing an online manual over time for student and coaches to refer to.

This new innovation the first of its kind in video instruction opens up a more professional and cost effective way to communicate with your student.

As coaches we all face the ever increasing competition from fellow coaches.  Why should a student keep coming to you for tuition with so many other coaches to choose from.   

The ebook online manual, not only produces you a better communication tool than any other available product it makes sure that if you have students and use the online manual system they will always have to come to you or your academy to have it updated. 

Finding new pupils is hard enough keeping those pupils is something we must all strive for.  The Ebook Online Manual will encourage them to return to you time after time.

In the past we have all tried to give pupils things to take away with them from our golf schools and golf lessons.  Here we get a chance to do this more style and branding but also saving us in cost in relation to printing, mailing and time.

For those larger academies the cost of producing manuals it huge here there is no cost.

Give out test ebook site a go logon to username is merv password is testing.

View the video below to see how it works.

The New Apple Iphone G

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

With the release of the new apple Iphone golfers are now able to video themselves and email the clips to their coaches for analysis in GASP lab.  This can either be done via the standard internet lesson option in GASP Lab or via our all new internet 3d manual option called ebook where you are able to add pages including video’s, text, picture to totally customise the look and feel of your club or academy.

To view out example lesson ebook select this link Internet lesson Ebook.  You may be asked to download Microsoft Silverlite as plugin to view the ebook demo which you should do.
To view video from the Iphone 3Gs select Iphone video link.
Many of our customers already use the unlimited internet lesson option that comes FREE with our integrated online booking system and we have pushed the boat out even further with our new ebook concept. Where you are able to design your own online 3D manual for your students allowing both coach, administrators, pupils to view not just todays or yesterdays lessons but to view the whole history of lessons taken.

Welcome To the GASP Systems Weblog

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Welcome to our blog where will be keeping you informed of what we are doing and where we will be doing it.

Here are some interesting video’s of our new GASP lab software in action.