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Kvest 6 D arrives in Europe

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

The long awaited Kvest 6D system is now available in Europe from GASP Systems.  Adding to the 3 D system the three extra measurements are now available with the electromagnetic systems giving you not only rotation, bend and side bend, but additional thrust, lift and drop and sway. Which is right for you why not give is a call to organize a webinar.


Junior Golf Development at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

Monday, May 30th, 2011


On our travels either installing studio or simply visiting customers we get to see how other countries and clubs embrace new ideas and systems to help develop the game of golf at their Academies. 

In the spring we have been installing 4 studios at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot just south of Frankfurt, Germany. One early evening as I arrived to prepare for a day’s training the next day Mervyn who had been installing the studios that week told me to come and have a look at what was happening on the range that evening.  To my surprise the range was absolutely full with kids and when I mean full there were at least 120 of them hitting balls or having tuition.  Mervyn said that while he was there this was a regular occurrence in an evening/late afternoon. So I had to investigate further. That evening I sat down with the Academy Director Fabian Bünker for a dinner and asked him if there was a special event happing with juniors this week on the golf range.

His reply was “No, our junior academy is my main focus and he and his team of 8 coaches concentrate in developing the kids from a young age to feed their first teams and ultimately the national side”. He said that “St Leon Rot have a team of coaches for the juniors and then a team of coaches for the adult teams and member with a full time physio as well. Planning for the future is one of their main aims not just to develop golfers to a high level but they realise that this will also benefit the club in the long term. 

It doesn’t stop with a great learning centre and range.  The facilities start for the kids with a short 9 hole course with holes between 20 – 50 yards long.  Then they progress 9 hole longer course, 18 hole course and a championship course. They have developed a clear path for kids to learn and progress even from a young age.  To see more in my interview with Fabian follow this link to Junior golf Development.

So what is the mission of the regarding the Acdemy at Golf Club- St. Leon-Rot Fabian??

“The mission of Golf Club St. Leon-Rot is to be an innovative, reliable and service-oriented club. We want to offer the best environment, infrastructure and facilities for golf. We have implemented a Junior Development Program, in which we commit to support the young regional children due to the Clubs ambitious athletic attitude and its strong connection to the region. The whole Program is based on a five-pillar-strategy. The five pillars are golf skills, athletic skills, mental skills, social skill and skills for school and job. Besides preparing talented players for competitive golf, our main goal is to build up their personality in terms of concentration, coordination, discipline, sense of fair play, politeness, ability to work in a team, good behavior and manners.
In our Junior Development Program we instruct over 500 children in groups of four to twelve kids. We have ten fully qualified golf professionals and six golf professional apprentices. Our goal is to develop players for our Men- and Ladies-Teams, to strengthen their top-position in Germany and Europe. The Men-Team is seven-time German Champion and European-Club-Trophy-Winner. The Ladies are four-time German Champion and won the European Club Trophy four-times, too. We also have the vision, that one of our players is part of the European Ryder Cup Team in 2018. To make this vision come true, we implemented a special high-level-sponsorship - the “Club 2018”.
To secure this number one spot in Germany we coach the teams in golf-, athletic- and mental-skills on a daily base. We work together with a special educated golf-athletic-coach and a fully qualified mental-coach.

Every team has once a week a team training golf and team training athletic. Additionally we arrange multiple mental-workshops for the teams and for single player. On holidays we host camps, were the kids have a full-time support. 
Again the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot is always interested in modern and high-quality infrastructure. Alongside two 18-hole courses and one 9-hole course, we offer a big pitching-, chipping- and putting-area, plus a five-hole bambini-course. Our driving-range with 54 boxes has 22 canopied and 15 heated boxes. Furthermore we have three video-boxes and one SAM-Putt-Lab-Studio. To increase the level of infrastructure we re-engineer our video boxes, build a fourth video-box and change from Scope- and Trackman-technology, to the new GASP-System. The GASP Golf Swing Analysis Software is very versatile and modern Video-System. It combines a force plate, a 3D sensor vest and a launch monitor all in one system. The GASP-Software provides on-screen drawing tools, action replay and simultaneous multi camera capture.

The Golf Club St. Leon-Rot is proud to offer this new innovative-system to all members and guests. ”

New Eook Features

Friday, December 10th, 2010

We have added a faster recording, Bulk Upload and default Ebook cover page and inner page background to our GASP HS and GASPlab video systems.  The video below shows there 3 new features in operation.

Zach Johnson Wins at the Colonial

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Zach Johnson wins again at the Colonial shooting 64 – 64 over the weekend to break the tour record at Hogan’s alley to beat Englishman Brian Davis.  His record breaking 21 under par had two amazing stats apart from the score of course, He only had 3 bogeys over the whole weekend and he hit 85% of greens in regulation.  You have to say well done Zach but hard luck Brian who was chasing his first US tour win. 
Zach’s swing is an interesting action seldom seen on the PGA or European Tour these days.  His swing plane is flatter than most also in the Hogan style if anything.  In the video below taken of Zach and his coach Mike Bender taking about the swing plane (sorry about the quality)  The interesting point in my view is that regardless of  flatter, neutral or steep action the club always points at the target line.

Teaching Tips

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I would like to get a section on my blog going listing ways in which coaches have found ways of communication changes with success to their pupils or other things they have picked up from seminars they have attended where they have come away with some good ideas.


I’ll get the ball rolling with something I heard at a PGA teaching conference in Denmark a couple of years ago.


The speaker who will remain nameless on the whole was not great however he said one thing that has stuck in my mind ever since.


He was talking about the importance of creating a stretch through all of the joints and muscle groups during the backswing and he was explaining how the shoulders should make the hips turn.  Nothing new there, except he worded it such a way that I had not come across before.


He said “The hips get recruited by the shoulders in the backswing creating a stretch”  I use that exact same description when I try and explain the movement of the hips especially in the swing to my pupils.

Junior Golf Academy

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Junior Golf Academy

I have to pass on some information that one our customers told me about the other day in passing.

Over a couple of years he and his staff have been developing a Junior Golf Academy in the area. This included tuition in all elements of the game, organisation of competitions, games and obtaining handicaps. Nothing new there I think all coaches and clubs have been doing this for years.

He then went onto say that he had 150 kids paying him an annual subscription if around £250 per year, which was taken by direct debit £30 per month. This included range balls, membership, tuition and with the help of the golf committee a structure for the kids to move into the main body of the club. He then added that that he had the same amount of kids on a waiting list to join.

So first lets do the maths. 150 kids paying £250 per year £37,500 of which £15,000 went to club in the way of membership and £22,500 towards wages for his coaching staff and administration.

When I heard this the next thing I did was sit down with my coaching staff and develop our own program, which is now growing well.

You do have to get the golf club on side to help run the program but its great to see te kids having so much fun and we can se some of them start to develop into to good played. You never know one or two may make a living out of it.

Denmark PGA Coaching Seminar

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

The seminar saw guest speakers from Train Brain, coaches from the US along with work shops where we played a roll along with other companies.


It always amazes me the difference between how golf professionals cope with the off-season.


Here in the UK we keep plodding on with our dayly routine.  At Himmerland which seems almost like being back in the UK I saw rain, sun temperatures between 3 degrees to 10 degrees the couse was hardly been played and all professionals shut up shop for 4 months or so may be opening at weekend at best.


So why do our European friend take this approach both with the club and pros shops and we soldier on all Winter?

Tiger’s Training Day

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

How does Tiger perform so well? What does he do day to day to prepare?

At a county coaching session one of the County Players who was back from a US College for a few weeks told every a story about one of his friends Casey Whittenberg. You may remember him from a successful run in the US amateur.

Casey had asked his manager who also by chance manages Tiger if he could organize a day with Tiger on a week off to get some first hand experience of the training regime of Tiger.

He was told to get to Tiger’s house at 7.30am with his equipment and his sweats.

So 7.30am arrives and Casey turns up at Tigers house to find Tiger has already been out for his morning run. They start off with a heavy session in his own personal gym for an hour or two before going to the course for some range and short game practice.

They had a short meal break and played 9 holes before lunch.

After lunch more of the same the back in the gym.

Then came a short game work-out back at Tigers residence where he has his own green which is also floodlit.

Tiger’s end of the day is a random up and down session from around the green where he has to get up and down 18 in a row before he finishes for the night.

The day ended for Casey around 7pm as he had to leave to catch his flight home leaving Tiger to his eighteen in a row.

No surprise then he is world number one.

Swing Plane Training Aids

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

There are an array of swing plane training aids on the market that profess to giving you the perfect plane.  I think that the half planes that are around are OK but the full swing arcs do not fit our beliefs.

This leads though to differing opinions amongst coaches.  Luther Blacklock from Explainer puts his case firmly that a golf swing works as the explainer demonstrates.  Hench the design of the explainar.  The unit is adjustable to suit different plane however it will only work in one plane.  Luther has mentioned he will do a piece today and join the discussion on swing plane to explain why the Explainer when used correctly is not a one plane coaching aid.  We wait for his comments.

The Smartstick using lasers in either end helps you understand that the golf club should point at the target line throughout the swing.  The lasers demonstrate this with ease.  You can swing the smartstick in a variety of planes still pointing at the target line.  This does seem to fit in the book from the golf machine and the teaching of the Golf Machine coaches.

The most important thing though is that the club returns to a position at around halfway down pointing at the target line to encourage an on plane swing through impact.  There is plenty of video evidence to promotes this available.  Even then though there are a multitude of world class player that do not get the club back in plane.

So is plane important?  If so what is it?

Fitting the Club to the Golfer is this the best option?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Ever since time began everyone has been trying to hit the ball further.  With the powers that be restricting performance of both balls and clubs manufactures have looked elsewhere to encourage greater distance.  So looking at the launch and the spin and then measuring how far the ball has flown as a reaction to club selecting in terms of loft and shaft flex is where the golf market currently focuses on.

So if your launch is too high or low for your ball speed you will loose distance.  If the spin is too high or low then you will loose distance.  The ball selection also makes a difference as different balls react of the face in different ways.

So what’s best for you and how do you go about getting a perfect fit.  Well the old fashioned way try before you buy is the best policy and any shop or professional should only be too willing to let you test the equipment.

Getting a fit where a launch monitor is involved is also important so you can see the difference between clubs, shafts, loft.  Only the other day we had a customer in our bay coning for a club fit.  After a few shots his driver was going around 204 yards and he commented that he usually hits the ball much further.  So we tested his club and it came up with the same distance.  He then questions the technology as he is sure that he hits the ball further but we are fortunate that we have a golf range and we can also see within reason how far the ball is going.

After trying different clubs and shaft we reduce his spin rate of his tee shot by 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm and we see an improvement in his distance.  So the club is sold he parts with his hard earned cash and we send him on his way.

We could have used another approach though. We take a look at his swing, where he is striking the ball in his arc (downswing, upswing, if there something in his swing that we could change to alter the flight?  These things of course would also have the desired effect.

 So the question is should you just fit a club to the swing of fit the swing too the club?  From a manufactures point of view of course there is a no contest fit the club too the swing all of the time otherwise they will be out of business.  It’s also a little easier but is easier the best way?

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