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The New Apple Iphone G

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

With the release of the new apple Iphone golfers are now able to video themselves and email the clips to their coaches for analysis in GASP lab.  This can either be done via the standard internet lesson option in GASP Lab or via our all new internet 3d manual option called ebook where you are able to add pages including video’s, text, picture to totally customise the look and feel of your club or academy.

To view out example lesson ebook select this link Internet lesson Ebook.  You may be asked to download Microsoft Silverlite as plugin to view the ebook demo which you should do.
To view video from the Iphone 3Gs select Iphone video link.
Many of our customers already use the unlimited internet lesson option that comes FREE with our integrated online booking system and we have pushed the boat out even further with our new ebook concept. Where you are able to design your own online 3D manual for your students allowing both coach, administrators, pupils to view not just todays or yesterdays lessons but to view the whole history of lessons taken.

Teaching Tips

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I would like to get a section on my blog going listing ways in which coaches have found ways of communication changes with success to their pupils or other things they have picked up from seminars they have attended where they have come away with some good ideas.


I’ll get the ball rolling with something I heard at a PGA teaching conference in Denmark a couple of years ago.


The speaker who will remain nameless on the whole was not great however he said one thing that has stuck in my mind ever since.


He was talking about the importance of creating a stretch through all of the joints and muscle groups during the backswing and he was explaining how the shoulders should make the hips turn.  Nothing new there, except he worded it such a way that I had not come across before.


He said “The hips get recruited by the shoulders in the backswing creating a stretch”  I use that exact same description when I try and explain the movement of the hips especially in the swing to my pupils.

Junior Golf Academy

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Junior Golf Academy

I have to pass on some information that one our customers told me about the other day in passing.

Over a couple of years he and his staff have been developing a Junior Golf Academy in the area. This included tuition in all elements of the game, organisation of competitions, games and obtaining handicaps. Nothing new there I think all coaches and clubs have been doing this for years.

He then went onto say that he had 150 kids paying him an annual subscription if around £250 per year, which was taken by direct debit £30 per month. This included range balls, membership, tuition and with the help of the golf committee a structure for the kids to move into the main body of the club. He then added that that he had the same amount of kids on a waiting list to join.

So first lets do the maths. 150 kids paying £250 per year £37,500 of which £15,000 went to club in the way of membership and £22,500 towards wages for his coaching staff and administration.

When I heard this the next thing I did was sit down with my coaching staff and develop our own program, which is now growing well.

You do have to get the golf club on side to help run the program but its great to see te kids having so much fun and we can se some of them start to develop into to good played. You never know one or two may make a living out of it.

Jim Furyk in High speed

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Robert Karlsson in High Speed

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

CASIO HIGH SPEED Example - please see clip in High Speed from the Casio F1 at 300 frames per second of Robert Karlsson from behind. If anyone wishes to make any comments on Robert’s swing and what you think of of his action I will post them.

You will Internet explorer to view the videos Firefox and Safari I tink will not have te correct plugin.

PGA Training

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

The video below link is from the Casio High Speed camera and for use in the PGA training.  It’s a good example of the quality you get from the F1 Casio High Speed camera.

 Jim swing on a casio in wmv