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Lee Westwood at High Speed

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Lee Westwood playing his left to right shot at high speed a safe shot, but with Lee’s action as good at ball striker as he is, finds it not impossible but more difficult to get it going from right to left. But there is something to be said for knowing where the ball shape is going and there are plenty of great players over the years playing from left to right.

Great effort at the 2010 Masters wish it was a win. Your sponsers UPS and Ping Golf certainly got value for money from you this week.

Houston Open Looking Ahead to The Master 2010

Monday, April 5th, 2010

With Anthony Kim managing to win in a playoff at the Shell Houston Open all eyes turn to the US Masters that start this week. It also sees the return of Tiger Woods who was seen at the course today ahead of the official practise day at Augusta. It will be interesting to see if he will answer any more questions about his alleged extra marital affairs and how he will be able to cope with the extra pressure.
From a golfing stand point it’s great to see him back and also to find out if any of his fellow professionals have been able to bridge the gap especially in the Majors. It’s also good to see the likes of Nike Golf still supporting him he has certainly helped promote their brand over the last decade or so.

Take a look at his swing in in high speed from last year

Houston Open Round 3

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Anthony Kim is sitting in tied first place on the Shell Houston Open even though he has only hit 19 fairways in 3 rounds of golf. Quite amazing that he has not been punished by the wayward tee shots. Just goes to show that he is making plenty of birdies and scrambling well. It will be interesting to see how Augusta is setup next week. In the past it’s been wide open so should suit the like of Anthony Kim where perhaps a more penal rough as we are accustomed to see in the US Open for example would certainly make things more difficult for him.

Kevin Stadlers Swing

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

As the US Masters gets ever closer and this week see’s the start of the Houston Open Kevin Stadler makes a great start to lead the field after round 1 in Houston.  Kevin is built similar to his father Craig but two very different swings.  Kevin swings the club in quite an upright fashion and gets the club into quite an open position at the top of the backswing.  This allows him to swing the club further that Craig as his arms swing less across his chest.  You will see his swung speed at around about the tour average at 112mph.  Craig’s swing also seen below is a flat action his arms more across his body therefore shortening his action.


So even with some of the same genes we end up with totally different swings that work.  The similarity that we see in both actions is the impact position and that is mainly what the golf ball relies on.  Just goes to show there is more than one way of skinning a cat.