The New Apple Iphone G

With the release of the new apple Iphone golfers are now able to video themselves and email the clips to their coaches for analysis in GASP lab.  This can either be done via the standard internet lesson option in GASP Lab or via our all new internet 3d manual option called ebook where you are able to add pages including video’s, text, picture to totally customise the look and feel of your club or academy.

To view out example lesson ebook select this link Internet lesson Ebook.  You may be asked to download Microsoft Silverlite as plugin to view the ebook demo which you should do.
To view video from the Iphone 3Gs select Iphone video link.
Many of our customers already use the unlimited internet lesson option that comes FREE with our integrated online booking system and we have pushed the boat out even further with our new ebook concept. Where you are able to design your own online 3D manual for your students allowing both coach, administrators, pupils to view not just todays or yesterdays lessons but to view the whole history of lessons taken.

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