Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy

I have to pass on some information that one our customers told me about the other day in passing.

Over a couple of years he and his staff have been developing a Junior Golf Academy in the area. This included tuition in all elements of the game, organisation of competitions, games and obtaining handicaps. Nothing new there I think all coaches and clubs have been doing this for years.

He then went onto say that he had 150 kids paying him an annual subscription if around £250 per year, which was taken by direct debit £30 per month. This included range balls, membership, tuition and with the help of the golf committee a structure for the kids to move into the main body of the club. He then added that that he had the same amount of kids on a waiting list to join.

So first lets do the maths. 150 kids paying £250 per year £37,500 of which £15,000 went to club in the way of membership and £22,500 towards wages for his coaching staff and administration.

When I heard this the next thing I did was sit down with my coaching staff and develop our own program, which is now growing well.

You do have to get the golf club on side to help run the program but its great to see te kids having so much fun and we can se some of them start to develop into to good played. You never know one or two may make a living out of it.

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