Teaching Tips

I would like to get a section on my blog going listing ways in which coaches have found ways of communication changes with success to their pupils or other things they have picked up from seminars they have attended where they have come away with some good ideas.


I’ll get the ball rolling with something I heard at a PGA teaching conference in Denmark a couple of years ago.


The speaker who will remain nameless on the whole was not great however he said one thing that has stuck in my mind ever since.


He was talking about the importance of creating a stretch through all of the joints and muscle groups during the backswing and he was explaining how the shoulders should make the hips turn.  Nothing new there, except he worded it such a way that I had not come across before.


He said “The hips get recruited by the shoulders in the backswing creating a stretch”  I use that exact same description when I try and explain the movement of the hips especially in the swing to my pupils.

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