Simon Dyson Wins In Holland

History repeated itself this week in Holland as the climax to this week’s tour event saw English man Simon Dyson repeat his winning feet three years ago by winning the KLM Dutch open, moving him up to 28th on the European Tour order of merit.
Whilst watching his interview on SKY Sports at the end of the tournament he commented that the course he felt very comfortable on as in his words “It’s a course that bombers of the ball had no real advantage”
Interested that he feels that he can target this event where he feels he has a better chance of winning as he admits he’s not the longest of hitters.
So I have a look at his driving stats and especially the distance off the tee which is an average of 287 years. Simon feels that he is at a disadvantage perhaps due to his driving distance by I have to say I was shocked that he feels that 287 yards is not long enough on some courses. With the tours leading distance driver Alvaro Quiros of 315 years so that’s a good 50 yards behind.
I looks like driving the ball a long way these days is vital to compete on some of the courses played on the tour. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing though.

May be Nike Golfdyson can help Simon get a few more yards off the tee.

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