Force Plates and Differences between them.

Currently we sell the SAM force plate which has 2500 sensors in the plate allowing the measurement or the centre of gravity between the feet, the % of left right and front to back.  The 2500 sensor system also allows you to measure the gravity on each foot individually as well as see where the pressure /weight is across the whole foot.  The force downward to the floor and up pressure is also measure.

Many of the force plates of this type  usually are sold to Universities and heath centre and most are in excess of £10,000.  The Sam force plate offers great value in terms of the information it provides against its cost.

There is also another type of force plate aimed more at a Budget price.  I decided to part with some cash at the US show and buy one of these force plates as some of our customers have been asking for a force plate that was even more affordable and at approx. £1900 our new 4 sensor force plate with its own built in monitor provide information of centre of gravity, left to right and front to back information as well as down and up force.

The company swinga have developed the system are based in Finland and we hope that they develop the system into a golf range unit that will be affordable for range owner to implement it providing a better service.

The thing that I like the most is the built in monitor and even though the information it gives is not as in depth the force plate has its place and especially for those coaches and facilities that are dipping their toes into measuring weight transfer which if the least understood of the elements in the golf swing.

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