GASP systems Launches Ebook manual at Golf Europe 2009

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our online ebook manual for students with rave reviews at Golf Europe 2009. 

The system will allow students to view not only video lessons and drills but also to add text, reviews and pictures producing an online manual over time for student and coaches to refer to.

This new innovation the first of its kind in video instruction opens up a more professional and cost effective way to communicate with your student.

As coaches we all face the ever increasing competition from fellow coaches.  Why should a student keep coming to you for tuition with so many other coaches to choose from.   

The ebook online manual, not only produces you a better communication tool than any other available product it makes sure that if you have students and use the online manual system they will always have to come to you or your academy to have it updated. 

Finding new pupils is hard enough keeping those pupils is something we must all strive for.  The Ebook Online Manual will encourage them to return to you time after time.

In the past we have all tried to give pupils things to take away with them from our golf schools and golf lessons.  Here we get a chance to do this more style and branding but also saving us in cost in relation to printing, mailing and time.

For those larger academies the cost of producing manuals it huge here there is no cost.

Give out test ebook site a go logon to username is merv password is testing.

View the video below to see how it works.

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