K-vest New 4.01 version gives you even more

K-Motion have now released the new 4.01 version or their software.  The upgrade includes

  • NEW 3rd line of the Kinematic sequence allows users to analyze the rotational velocities of the Club Shaft (Grip)
  • NEW customizable Swing Summary allows users to import custom logos, creating new marketing opportunities
  • IMPROVED Swing Summary adds 1-click training for body turn at impact
  • NEW 64-bit compatibility for Widows OS allows users to run K-VEST v4.1 on the latest computers
  • ADDED ability to auto-load an instructor profile, reducing start-up time
  • IMPROVED logic eliminates inverted Kinematic Sequence graphs
  • IMPROVED capture timers makes it easier to capture swings each and every time
  • IMPROVED protocols add significant reliability to capturing outdoors
  • PLUS other features and enhancements

To view some of these new features see the video below.

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