Golf Underwear

With the likes of Ross Fisher and Hunter Mahan sporting Under Armour Golf compression technology there must be something to this and it’s not just Golf almost every time I see a footballer take off his shirt after scoring a goal there is some sort of underwear underneath except maybe the Newcastle plays well may be the supporters they are a hard lot up there. So what’s it all about? It about keeping your body regulated correctly so that your muscles and mind can perform at their highest level. I thought that was the job of the skin, it’s a pretty sophisticate piece of equipment to keep the body at a constant temperature however wearing clothing stops the body from working as it should and then there is the actual temperature itself and we know that in the cold, blood flow to the extreme parts of the body is reduced leading to a lack of feel. So the likes of Under Armour Golf and Galvin Green Clothing enables the body to cool and to warm it really a second skin.


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