PGA Golf Show 2009 should it move to other venues

The PGA Golf Show at the Orlando Convention Centre is the show piece event in the Golf Industry.  This is where you get to see all that’s new.  Apart from attending the show to exhibit our gear it gives us a chance to see what’s new.

With the show this year being held under the economic cloud it was difficult to see anything new.  Also amazing that the golfing family is so small in reality.  We have been attending the show now for the last 8 years and through that time we have seen things get smaller and smaller.  Everyone seems to know everyone you even see the same visitors which is little bit of a surprise.  The US is so vast that in my view I would love to see the Golf Show move every year encouraging a different set off customers to attend.

On the plus side with the show being held at the same place it takes us less time to get orientated with the area and the weather is warm well at least some of the time.  In the morning the temperature was as low as 2 degrees and the middle of the day in the high 20’s quite a change.

The food locally in the Disney area is very resort oriented with the hot wings, steak always seen on the menu.  Taking of hot wings I managed to get the sauce all over my new Galvin Green top.  No wonder my wife calls me Les (Les Patterson that is).  I must say though my wife performs miracles and managed to get the sauce out. 

It would be great to try somewhere new.  Every company especially the smaller one without a sales force would benefit from seeing some new faces.  America is so vast I’m not sure how to attack the market after 8 years you thing I would have a clue by now and its not just me every company from outside the US have the same problems.

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