Fitting the Club to the Golfer is this the best option?

Ever since time began everyone has been trying to hit the ball further.  With the powers that be restricting performance of both balls and clubs manufactures have looked elsewhere to encourage greater distance.  So looking at the launch and the spin and then measuring how far the ball has flown as a reaction to club selecting in terms of loft and shaft flex is where the golf market currently focuses on.

So if your launch is too high or low for your ball speed you will loose distance.  If the spin is too high or low then you will loose distance.  The ball selection also makes a difference as different balls react of the face in different ways.

So what’s best for you and how do you go about getting a perfect fit.  Well the old fashioned way try before you buy is the best policy and any shop or professional should only be too willing to let you test the equipment.

Getting a fit where a launch monitor is involved is also important so you can see the difference between clubs, shafts, loft.  Only the other day we had a customer in our bay coning for a club fit.  After a few shots his driver was going around 204 yards and he commented that he usually hits the ball much further.  So we tested his club and it came up with the same distance.  He then questions the technology as he is sure that he hits the ball further but we are fortunate that we have a golf range and we can also see within reason how far the ball is going.

After trying different clubs and shaft we reduce his spin rate of his tee shot by 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm and we see an improvement in his distance.  So the club is sold he parts with his hard earned cash and we send him on his way.

We could have used another approach though. We take a look at his swing, where he is striking the ball in his arc (downswing, upswing, if there something in his swing that we could change to alter the flight?  These things of course would also have the desired effect.

 So the question is should you just fit a club to the swing of fit the swing too the club?  From a manufactures point of view of course there is a no contest fit the club too the swing all of the time otherwise they will be out of business.  It’s also a little easier but is easier the best way?

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