Swing Plane Training Aids

There are an array of swing plane training aids on the market that profess to giving you the perfect plane.  I think that the half planes that are around are OK but the full swing arcs do not fit our beliefs.

This leads though to differing opinions amongst coaches.  Luther Blacklock from Explainer puts his case firmly that a golf swing works as the explainer demonstrates.  Hench the design of the explainar.  The unit is adjustable to suit different plane however it will only work in one plane.  Luther has mentioned he will do a piece today and join the discussion on swing plane to explain why the Explainer when used correctly is not a one plane coaching aid.  We wait for his comments.

The Smartstick using lasers in either end helps you understand that the golf club should point at the target line throughout the swing.  The lasers demonstrate this with ease.  You can swing the smartstick in a variety of planes still pointing at the target line.  This does seem to fit in the book from the golf machine and the teaching of the Golf Machine coaches.

The most important thing though is that the club returns to a position at around halfway down pointing at the target line to encourage an on plane swing through impact.  There is plenty of video evidence to promotes this available.  Even then though there are a multitude of world class player that do not get the club back in plane.

So is plane important?  If so what is it?

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