Golf Studio

Mervyn’s been clocking up the air miles recently on his globe trotting studio installs.  I early January he installed a Swing Studio for Craig West in Cologne.

A first for Mervyn as he was subjected to temperatures below -15 degrees C and that was in the day the warmest being -6 degrees C and a foot of snow.  We thought we were having it bad here in the UK in fact the toilets were frozen up so nowhere to go except the 9th hole on the short course he was told suitable named yellow creek.  Only joking Craig.

Back to the studio.  As you can see from the picture below Craig has a 2 camera system with a third camera position in a fully secure room.  Mervyn said that the room itself was very smart with podium where the computer equipment is stored and a sunken floor monitor.

I’m sure that Craig will benfit from the indoor facility maybe not at -15 degrees though.  Best of luck Craig.

Golf Swing Studio


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