Can Louis Oosthuizen Hang on?

Will Louis Oosthuizen hang onto his lead going into the last round of the Open Championship or will Paul Casey or other catch him?
Looking at his swing in slow motion I have to say it looks fairly sound and as long as the pressure of the last round does not get to him and he start steadily you have to say he should hang on easily. 
Coached by Pete Cowen, who has helped many a player to success over the years. I like the look of the club at the top of his swing slightly pointing left due a slightly shorter action. It’s hard to see what could go wrong from there.  Another thing that has impressed me with his swing to that he maintains his upper body stability so well.  Even though we should see slight head motion in any good swing Oosthuizen really keeps not only his height well but the upper body hardly moves back at impact.
Casey on the other hand did get out in 5 under yesterday and a repeat performance on the outward 9 holes would certainly increase the pressure on Oosthuizen.

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