Stack and Tilt Coaching Methods

So today we attended with many other golf professionals the stack and tilt seminar at the Belfry.  Presented by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.
So what it all about?? The swing model has certainly come in for some stick over the last couple of years from pundits and coaches in the US so everyone was intrigued to hear what Andy and Mike had to say especially as some of their pupil on Tour have shown improvement and success.
The session started with the address position where using photographic evidence of successful golf professional over the years it was pointed out that there are very few common grips, alignment, aim and postures.  So what do the tour pro’s have in common?
(1) Being able to hit the ground in exactly the same place.
(2) Ability to generate enough power to hit the ball far enough to play and control the flight.
Andy pointed out that everything else was pretty much variable, there was evidence that some combinations of certain parts of the setup and swing work well together.  But the two things above is something that all top players all have in common.
The weight distribution for a right handed player starts more to the left approx. 60% with the right at 40%.  As you move towards the top of the backswing the weight stays the same keeping the slight spine lean slightly right at around 5 – 10 degrees. (no reverse spine tilt there).  Sounds like the way I coach pitching.
The next point in the backswing the hand working in an arc in the takeaway which makes sense as the torso is rotating getting the club to point at the target line (plane) and through the right elbow area.  Sound enough there in my view.
Left leg straightening creating a larger hip turn.  That’s certainly different from what is the populist methods of creating more lower body resistance by keeping the right knee more flexed, but perhaps what is lost in stretch is gained a larger rotation and swing.
So let,s just stop there and think of some of Ben Hogan’s swings, Johnny Miller, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson.  There is evidence that these type of methods we employed by these players at their height so is coaching moving full circle back towards what was the norm in that era.
So at this stage not too controversial and certainly their ideas have been misrepresented in the media and TV.
More to come on the Stack and Tilt seminar in my next post.

Ben Hogan

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