Putting Basic and Equipment

Putting is a game within a game and with such a variety of putter models on the market and all sorts of putting style on the market no wonder that golfers are baffled as to where to start.  Putting is in fact almost the only part of the game of golf that a absolute beginner can hit the ball.

Why? It’s simple the putter does not have to travel that far to hit the ball as there is no need to create very much power.  However if you speak to a tour player then they will tell you that putting is the most important thing.
So what does it take to be a good putter? The club face is king here and to deliver the club face squarely to the ball at impact is vital.  Then there is the swing path or swing arc.  Ideally you would like the swing path to be moving in the direction of your target. Then we need to look at the angle of decent or assent of the swing at impact with the loft of the club which helps control the spin of the ball. Where we hit the ball on the club face is vital to distance control and finally the rhythm and speed of the putter at impact.  If you do all of the above and have the correct putter to fit you then you would have to say you would naturally learn to be a good putter.

Let’s look at the club face at impact as I previously said that this king in terms of holing more putts.  So aiming must be important?  Not as important as you might think.  It’s where the putter comes back at impact which counts.  I have seen some great putters over time that aim way off target but get the butter back square to the target at impact.  So the key is to find the mixture of head position in relation to the ball both in terms of forward and back and left to right at address and that’s your head not the club head, the grip, ball position and initial aim. These factors have more influence on the putter face at impact.  Each player must find their own way with the help of a coach to combine these elements to come up with a formula to get the putter face pointing in the desired direction at impact.
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