Casio FH100 setup for Golf

Setting up a Casio Fh100 Setup for Golf

casio FH 100 setup

casio FH 100 setup

There are 3 section in the Casio setup your need to get right.

Speed choice HS or Std mode.
Hs will capture at high frame rate but play in slow motion.

Std/Hd mode will play back at normal speed but at a conventional frame rate. (25 fps pal)
So my choice is usually the HS mode. In the FH100 that’s the dial on the back in the top right corner. Turn it the HS.
Shutter speed is the next selection you have to right. This works in the same way a camcorder works. The higher the shutter speed the sharper the object will be when they move quickly. Giving a less blur image. For Golf we recommend 1/1600 or higher. We tend not to see a great advantage once you get above 1/4000. There is a lighting issue to consider. If you put the shutter speed up too high the picture will be very dark. trial and error is the only way. Here is what we do when we use the camera.
1/50 for golf ranges at night with just the standard range lighting. You will need to put up with a blur club head through impact.

1/1600 day time use on the range and dull daylight outside.

1/4000 on bright days outdoors.

To access the settings turn the camera dial on top of the camera to S. Make sure your camera is in live picture mode on the screen. Then select the down arrow on your dial on the back under the set button. Keep selecting the down arrow until you reach the shutter speed marked S on the back of the live camera screen. There you will see 2 option to either increase or decrease the shutter speed. To do this use the right arrow next to the set button to increase and the left option to decrease. I always suggest changing both stills and video options to the same setting but its the bottom of these 2 options that you are interested in.

Frame rate - Here you can set what frames per second you require. On the Casio Fh100 the first speed is what we would recommend at 120 fps. The reason for this is that it is the largest pixel size 640 x 480 pixels. As you increase the the frame rate to 240 and higher the picture gets smaller and shaped more like a letterbox size. If you decide to increase to higher than a 120 fps second when you import into our program you will either be asked to stretch the video which will make the video look poorer quality or add a black boarder. The latter is the best option but as you will see the video it not as large but better quality.

To alter the frame rate again in live camera mode select menu, then right arrow next to the set button to move to quality then down to high speed and right arrow to select what you require.

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