Club Fitting In Drivers

Has the time come that many club fitters have been waiting for.  The New TaylorMade R9 Driver offers something different to the golfer and the fitter.  The head design allows for the loft, face angle to be altered.  So this must be good, one club fits all except for the shaft that is.  Saves the golf shop from having a host of demo clubs to find the right fit.  Or are we getting a little lazy and covering up the cracks in our customers swings compensating for their swing errors by finding remedies for their short coming by having club faces that are closed or open, weight distribution flying the ball higher and lower.

What happens when you find the perfect driver that compensated for the poor swing then they go to a fairway, rescue or iron and the old bad shot comes back?Should we not be fixing the golfer first then finding the right club?

TaylorMade R9 driver MArch 2009 release

TaylorMade R9 driver March 2009 release

I had a pupil for a lesson/fitting the other day and he was launching the ball too low so the obvious choice here was to sell him a club that had more loft or a more flexible shaft.  One thing though his attack angle was 6 degrees down which is way too low caused by a strong grip position in the main and a poor ball position.

So now I had to make a choice, fix the grip and ball position and look again at his launch and spin or sell him a more flexible club with greater loft, what would you choose?  I made my decision based on how much time the pupil has to devote to changing his game.  I always point out both options and let them choose its their game after all.

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