Extra Service and Renenue From Using The Ebook

Paul SherringtonSee what Paul Sherrington PGA Professionl says about our Ebook solution.

“I have been a professional now for 15 years and have been at Four Ashes Golf Centre all that time where I am a full time coach. I have been a GASP Systems customer now for almost 10 years and during that time I have used their system to help me with my coaching…. Earlier this year I upgraded to GASP Lab at first to take advantage of some of the programs new features. Steve Gould at GASP said I should give the GASP ebook solution a go, as many of GASP’s customers he said were increasing their revenue by using EBOOK as well as improving their communication with their students.

At first like all things new I was a little sceptical, but I could see the benefits in principle so I decided to do a little market research before I committed. I asked as many students as I could over a period of 2 - 3 weeks and found that a good proportion of my students would be prepared to subscribe to their own personal ebook manual. Over the last couple of months I have 45 students signed up who pay a yearly fee which is the same as an hours lesson.

As a busy full time golf coach its very difficult for me to increase my income without increasing the pupils I take. There lies the problem for me as I’m pretty full in the season with no extra time, however the ebook almost adds no time to my day, increasing my income, improving my service, promoting me as a brand and improving customer loyalty long term. I do the students analysis during the lessons and upload all of my ebooks in the evening when I get home or at the end of the day. .

To all Golf Professionals who want to increase their income substantially, improve their service I recommend GASP Systems Ebook as it will become as important in time to me as the actual analysis program itself.”

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