Ebook Earning Extra Income for Coaches

Earn an Extra £20’000+ from your existing students.

 Here’s how:

 Start an Internet Lesson Club & charge a 1 hour lesson as the annual fee (example £50). This pays for the Ebook & entitles the student to 2 new pages after each lesson (encouraging more lessons).

 Leave our example Ebook open in the shop or club for members to view.

As our Ebook feature only costs you £360 pa, you only have to sell 7 to be in profit. Included in this price is a secure sign-in web page that we produce for you taken from a template page of your own website, a default Ebook front cover customised & branded to your golf school or club & a default internal watermarked page.

50 sign-ups @£50 = £2500 per annum (£2140 profit).  Our customers are telling us their signup rate from their customers is around 75% take up.  So look at how many pupils you take per year E.G. 75% of 500 Students = 375 students @ £50 yearly fee to join your internet club = £18,750 is there anthing else that you do that will increase your profit by that amount with hardly any any extra effort????  If there is let us know.

Paul Sherrington Professional at Four Ashes Golf Centre


As the Ebook creature software is built in to your latest GaspLab software no extra purchase is necessary, just get the latest free download & view our Ebook creator video on Youtube or contact us for a free dial-in demo.
Still not sure?
Leave our example open in the shop & get some feedback from your students. Why not let them decide.

More information on oue ebook visit either our Ebook Home Page or any of our customers landing pages.

Our Ebook is even suprising us with it’s success and the extra renenue our customers are making in relative ease.


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Paul Sherrington - Professional at Four Ashes Golf Centre.

4 weeks gone 45 students signed up. Read Full Article  


For more information on our ebook select this Ebook link and to view some example ebooks select the Eboo logo below or any of our customers links and use.


Belgium PGA Technology Presentation


Username belgiumpga Password 1178belgium


Hagley Golf Club Junior ebook manuals

(Thanks to Paul and Gareth from Hagley Golf Club)


Username level1 password hagley2011

Username level2 password hagley 2012





Example Customers Landing Pages 


Elite Coaching


Golf Club St. Leon-Rot


Gareth Benson Golf


Golf Range Austria


Tom Burden Golf Academy Sweden


Anothy Caira Timeforegolf - Kirkcaldy Golf Club


Tim Cooke Golf Prep Academy


Jon Tattersall Terminus Club

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