Tiger Returns

tiger_swing_halleran1 So Tiger looks like he is set to return in this week in the Accenture World Matchplay Championship this week and the golfing world is certainly be glad of that with some viewing figures down by up to 50% due in the main to his absence and credit crunch can Tiger spark some interest.  Well let’s hope so the game certainly needs its superstar to get people playing again.


Even though Tiger has been out for a while after surgery on his knee he says that his main aim this week is to win.  Seems strange though that he could be putting himself in a position where he is playing 36 holes per day if he reaches the quarter finals saying that I would imagine he has been getting up at 6.30am going out for his morning run followed by hours in the gym so walking around golf course should be a piece of cake.


We will all be watching with interest at his new swing. Tiger says that he has been making some technical changes now his knee is in shape.  He said its very strange not to feel movement in his knee when he swings and the feeling is great.


With Phil playing well this week it should be a great week.  I’m sure Tim Barter from Sky will have his new toy the Casio High speed camera focused in on all of the swings he can for the Golf Night Program.

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