Tiger’s Training Day

How does Tiger perform so well? What does he do day to day to prepare?

At a county coaching session one of the County Players who was back from a US College for a few weeks told every a story about one of his friends Casey Whittenberg. You may remember him from a successful run in the US amateur.

Casey had asked his manager who also by chance manages Tiger if he could organize a day with Tiger on a week off to get some first hand experience of the training regime of Tiger.

He was told to get to Tiger’s house at 7.30am with his equipment and his sweats.

So 7.30am arrives and Casey turns up at Tigers house to find Tiger has already been out for his morning run. They start off with a heavy session in his own personal gym for an hour or two before going to the course for some range and short game practice.

They had a short meal break and played 9 holes before lunch.

After lunch more of the same the back in the gym.

Then came a short game work-out back at Tigers residence where he has his own green which is also floodlit.

Tiger’s end of the day is a random up and down session from around the green where he has to get up and down 18 in a row before he finishes for the night.

The day ended for Casey around 7pm as he had to leave to catch his flight home leaving Tiger to his eighteen in a row.

No surprise then he is world number one.


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