Ebook Success Story

Matthew Conner - Snainton Golf Centre

Matthew Conner – (Teaching Professional) at Snainton Golf Centre, Yorkshire.

We have been customers of GASP Systems for many years first with GASP video software and later last year we upgraded to GASP Lab.  In 2011 we started using the GASP Systems Ebook to enhance our business and improve our service.  The Ebook has been really well received by the line share of our students who now have their lessons in an organised online fashion in the form of an Ebook, it’s easy for them to refer to past lessons and the quality they receive is fantastic.  All this and not creating a massive amount of work for the coach.

Since March 2011 we have now registered over 160 students on the system and its set to continue to grow, I don’t even need an internet connection on the range for the process to take place.

It’s certainly been one of the most important features that we use in our coaching with many students requesting to use the system now some of the friend are recommending the system.

In our opinion any coach who is not using the system is wasting a great opportunity to increase profits and improve their service.

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