The PGA Golf Show in Orlando this year followed the trend of the world economy with many would be exhibitors who would normally be attending cancelling their stands.

Much of the exhibition areas we left free with the show organisers filling excess areas with seating and restaurants. The walkways were larger than normal helping to create the impression that the exhibit halls were full.

From an attendee point of view it seems reasonably busy but noticeable visitors from Europe were down in numbers and many of the familiar faces that we see year on year were not their.

Saying all of that we were as busy for most of the show except for the last afternoon where everyone pretty much headed of to watch the Super Bowl Final on TV.

What was new in our area of coaching. Well we came across a few interesting training aids and one or two interesting new inventions that we had not seen before.



One stand that was opposite us in the Exhibition was a company called TureYmpact. A coaching device that encourages the Y shape starting position to return at impact. The owner of the company told me by the last afternoon he had sold out of the stock he had brought to the stand which was impressive. We decided to purchase a few of these Golf training aido resell from our website and it was certainly one of the better Golf Aids that we saw on show.

Science and Motion the makers of the SAM puttlab released the new wireless version of the puttlab dispensing with the battery pack and the wire. Talking to their engineer for the reasons for doing this Martin pointed out that aesthetically there was an improvement and there would be more reliability as there was no cable now to become damaged. For existing owners of the SAM as long as they have te 2008 version of the software there are able to trade in their old unit and pay €1550 to get the wireless triplet and the new triangle receiver.

I also spoke to Greg Rose from Titleist TPI who gave me a sneakpreview of their new website offering more research and information to golf coaches all over the world about bio mechanics. Where we will be contributing to with some form of video analysis.

Over then next few weeks I’ll try and add more reviews and content to my blog looking at other products we viewed and also reactions and reports from other companies from the show.


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