Golf shoes an overlooked element that will help you improve your game.

Golf shoes are as important a piece of equipment for the everyday golfer and quite often overlooked by the average player and sometimes by the better players as well.

The reason is we buy shoes mainly on how comfortable they feel and also by the way they look and their waterproof qualities.

Even though these things are important the one thing that is vital is that they give you stability and traction on the course.

Many coaches will tell you that your downswing starts from the floor up.  Just imagine how little distance you would get if you played all of your shots from the surface of a skating rink. Here you would have no traction at all leading to a loss of power.

Golf shoes should offer traction to the floor either with spikes or soft spikes but also support the foot in such a way that the foot is not moving around inside.  In skiing for example the ski boots offer such support they protect the ankles as well as the foot.

In the backswing the lower body starting with the feet of course should offer resistance allowing other joints and muscle groups above them to stretch.  An important element to a golfer is the coiling / stretching ability of the whole body and without the feet being secure power will be lost and it may also affect the timing. 

The transition to the downswing starts with the lower body moving the weight to the left but also you will see an increase in pressure on the floor happening as well.  You see this movement in other sports as well such as tennis.

With this added pressure down and the rotation of the body starting to happen having good traction is vital not only to help with the power release but also the balance as well.

So sound advice when purchasing a new pair of shoes is to consider how the shoe fits you.  It should be firm on the foot and not sloppy if you want to have the shoes help you with your performance.

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