Casio Exilim Pro EX-FX1

Casio Exillim EX F1 camera on test

Casio have a range of SLR cameras that are perfect for anyone who wishes to capture high speed video at what is a moderate price point. In this article we take a look at Casio’s flagship model the Exillim EX F1.

So how do they work what are the plus and minuses of the cameras and are they right for me?

So let’s start with the frame rate.  Well at 300 fps you do get quality motion video giving you impact almost all of the time.  Compare this to a regular camcorder there is no contest so the first plus in the camera.  The screen on the F1 is large and positioned at the rear of the camera and makes for a good playback facility on the camera itself with a jog shuttle.  You are also able to edit the clip on the camera itself keeping the file size down when you come to transfer the files. We have integrated the Casio file format which is a .mov (quicktime) movie into our flagship software GASP lab and you are also able to play/view the clip in quicktime Apple’s free application.  Apple’s quicktime application does not however give you the ability to move frame by frame.

So there must be some drawbacks in the camera which is a quarter of the price of other high speed cameras.  Well you guessed it.  The pixel size of the image is smaller and even though the F1 is the largest of the pixel sizes in their high speed camera range the video is slighted blown up to fit into a window on your PC or you have to look at a smaller image on the screen.

The clip is only captured in slow motion to the Casio so you are unable to play the clip at full speed.

You also have to import the clip from the camera in a similar fashion to a photo on a stills camera rather than live stream and capture in our software.  This takes around 20 seconds to do.

Lighting is an issue also especially indoors.   Shutter speed need to be around 1/2000 and at 300 frames per second a substantial amount of light is needed more than a camcorder and substantially more than a CCTV which is more light sensitive.

So in conclusion the CASIO Exilim EX – F1 is a must have coaches gadget especially if you coach outside in the sunlight and the link below which you can freely download will demonstrate the great quality that you can achieve.

Indoors though it’s not the best solution due to the amount of light available and in an environment where perhaps the live stream video camera are faster and more instant in their capture there may be a better option even though a more pricey solution.

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