GASP Lab 4 Preview at Golf Europe 2013

GASP Lab 4 will be available for demo at Golf Europe 2013.  Some of our new features are listed below.

Our brand new interface enables you un-dock and move windows to separate screens or even rearrange your display to suit your coaching style.  Other new feature are listed below.

· New launch monitor design so using all launch monitors, with animated flight and stats.  This means a great solution for indoor studios using a projector or large TV as the range view can be un-docked dragged to another screen to completely fill that screen.

· Complete twitter, facebook integration so coaches can take snips from any window and send via facebook and twitter without having to open those applications. The live feeds will also populate the GASPlab 4 program making things easier for coaches to communicate.

· Sam force plate as well as mobile pressure system and AMTI force plate (measures shear force)

· Increased video quality through our new capture system.

· Integration with USB 3 cameras both HD and 550 fps

.         Integrated to our online system and ebook.

.         Embedded diary withing our online diary/scheduling system.

.         Fill mail merge system for Newsletters.

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