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Houston Open Round 3

April 4th, 2010

Anthony Kim is sitting in tied first place on the Shell Houston Open even though he has only hit 19 fairways in 3 rounds of golf. Quite amazing that he has not been punished by the wayward tee shots. Just goes to show that he is making plenty of birdies and scrambling well. It will be interesting to see how Augusta is setup next week. In the past it’s been wide open so should suit the like of Anthony Kim where perhaps a more penal rough as we are accustomed to see in the US Open for example would certainly make things more difficult for him.

Kevin Stadlers Swing

April 2nd, 2010

As the US Masters gets ever closer and this week see’s the start of the Houston Open Kevin Stadler makes a great start to lead the field after round 1 in Houston.  Kevin is built similar to his father Craig but two very different swings.  Kevin swings the club in quite an upright fashion and gets the club into quite an open position at the top of the backswing.  This allows him to swing the club further that Craig as his arms swing less across his chest.  You will see his swung speed at around about the tour average at 112mph.  Craig’s swing also seen below is a flat action his arms more across his body therefore shortening his action.


So even with some of the same genes we end up with totally different swings that work.  The similarity that we see in both actions is the impact position and that is mainly what the golf ball relies on.  Just goes to show there is more than one way of skinning a cat.

Golf Underwear

March 21st, 2010

With the likes of Ross Fisher and Hunter Mahan sporting Under Armour Golf compression technology there must be something to this and it’s not just Golf almost every time I see a footballer take off his shirt after scoring a goal there is some sort of underwear underneath except maybe the Newcastle plays well may be the supporters they are a hard lot up there. So what’s it all about? It about keeping your body regulated correctly so that your muscles and mind can perform at their highest level. I thought that was the job of the skin, it’s a pretty sophisticate piece of equipment to keep the body at a constant temperature however wearing clothing stops the body from working as it should and then there is the actual temperature itself and we know that in the cold, blood flow to the extreme parts of the body is reduced leading to a lack of feel. So the likes of Under Armour Golf and Galvin Green Clothing enables the body to cool and to warm it really a second skin.

Smash Factor and Spin Loft

March 16th, 2010

Smash factor – The ratio between the ball speed and the club speed.

As a parameter, it is an expression of the player’s ability to generate ball speed based on a given club speed. Technically, the smash factor says a lot about the centeredness of impact and the solidity of the shot - there is a strong correlation between the degree of centeredness at impact and the obtained smash factor.

Here’s an example. If the player swings his club at 100mph and the ball speed is 140mph then his smash factor will be 1.40But if the golfer could obtain a smash factor of 1.48 with a more controlled swing having a lower club speed of 98 mph, the ball speed would be increased to 145 mph – i.e. an additional 5 mph ball speed by swinging slower. Since 1 more mph ball speed (all other things equal) will generate 2 more yards carry, an extra 10 yards is added to the drive in this case by swinging with more control! Further, the more controlled swing will most likely have a very positive effect on dispersion.

Hitting the ball well will improve your ball speed /smash factor this is where most amateur golfers go wrong by trying to hit the ball hard they loose control and make more off centre hits. From a coaches perspective it would be easy to help the pupil improve their ball striking rather than increase their club head speed.

So what is the highest smash factor you can achieve?? Well there are other factors that will influence smash factor. One is coefficient of restitution between club and ball (COR) and the other is Spin Loft. But tour players try and head for around 1.47

This then tells us that if you were to swing a heavy club at the same speed as a lighter club the ball will go further. Usually though a heavy club is swing slower and there may be a loss of control. It’s worth having a play with one club to experiment how this effect you as an individual. Everyone has a different strength.

The USGA and R&A set a limit for the coefficient of Resistance (COR) to 0.83.

Spin Loft – The angle between the club face orientation (actual loft) and the club head direction. (Attack angle)

SPIN LOFT = Dynamic (”delivered”) Loft —(minus) Attack Angle

We have a driver with 10° of loft.

If we have a level strike, with a delivered loft of 10° (no forward or backward lean), the spin loft will be 10°.

If we have a forward leaning shaft of 2°, and a delivered loft of 8° (because in this example, we are delofting the 10° head), and a downward strike of 2°, we have the same damn spin loft of 10°.
If we can accomplish a forward lean of 2°, and a upward strike of 1°, and a delivered loft of 8°, we get a SPIN LOFT of 7° and more ball speed, thus a higher smash factor.

EYE Fi SD card ideal for Casio High Speed Cameras

December 11th, 2009

So let’s talk about the new Eye FI SD card for the Casio range of cameras.  There are two choices in our view.  Either the Eye Fi Video Share or the Eye FI video pro but it will all depend on where you coach.
The Share version needs to use a Wi-Fi zone to transfer the data to your machine so for those or you that do not have WI FI access where you coach then this is not the SD card for you.  The Pro version however is able to use Ad hoc technology so as long as your computer has WI FI then your will be able to transfer the data with ease.
The range is also impressive if you are using outdoors you can transfer data up to 90 feet away and indoors 45 feet away.  Just think no cables a god send for us coaches.
The Eye Fi card is a must have solution for the Casio camera. 

Go to our Eye fi card page on our site to purchase.

GASP Video HS Released

December 5th, 2009

GASP systems High speed Video System

GASP systems High speed Video System

Our Brand new High speed video system GASP Video HS has now been release.  The system which is built on the te GASP lab platform is compatible with all of the Casio High speed cameras and boasts many of the features of GASP lab including the ebook editor, this tool enables the coach or academy to send branded lessons to pupils own personal online manual  (see an example at this link Online Manual using merv as the username and testing as the password.) Windows silverlight should also be installed which can be optained for FREE from Microsofts’ website Silverlite. You also have the ability to send video analysis to smartphones such as the Iphone and blackberry. 

To view more information please visit either ourGASP Video HS page on our website or the GASP video HS Bundle deals.

K-vest New 4.01 version gives you even more

November 7th, 2009

K-Motion have now released the new 4.01 version or their software.  The upgrade includes

  • NEW 3rd line of the Kinematic sequence allows users to analyze the rotational velocities of the Club Shaft (Grip)
  • NEW customizable Swing Summary allows users to import custom logos, creating new marketing opportunities
  • IMPROVED Swing Summary adds 1-click training for body turn at impact
  • NEW 64-bit compatibility for Widows OS allows users to run K-VEST v4.1 on the latest computers
  • ADDED ability to auto-load an instructor profile, reducing start-up time
  • IMPROVED logic eliminates inverted Kinematic Sequence graphs
  • IMPROVED capture timers makes it easier to capture swings each and every time
  • IMPROVED protocols add significant reliability to capturing outdoors
  • PLUS other features and enhancements

To view some of these new features see the video below.

Professional Introductions For Ebooks manuals and Internet Lessons

October 24th, 2009

GASP Systems are now offering professional quality introductions for Internet lessons and ebooks an example of a title introduction can be seen below.

GASP Lab Used at the PGA GB & I Training Academy

October 18th, 2009

The PGA of GB & I have now started to use the GASP lab video software.  Starting with the year 3 students who will recieve the GASP lab video software for FREE along with a selection of golf swings to analysis. 

Passing through the PGA training program some 27 years ago it has given us a chance to give something back to the PGA to improve an already first class training program.

GASP systems Launches Ebook manual at Golf Europe 2009

October 18th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our online ebook manual for students with rave reviews at Golf Europe 2009. 

The system will allow students to view not only video lessons and drills but also to add text, reviews and pictures producing an online manual over time for student and coaches to refer to.

This new innovation the first of its kind in video instruction opens up a more professional and cost effective way to communicate with your student.

As coaches we all face the ever increasing competition from fellow coaches.  Why should a student keep coming to you for tuition with so many other coaches to choose from.   

The ebook online manual, not only produces you a better communication tool than any other available product it makes sure that if you have students and use the online manual system they will always have to come to you or your academy to have it updated. 

Finding new pupils is hard enough keeping those pupils is something we must all strive for.  The Ebook Online Manual will encourage them to return to you time after time.

In the past we have all tried to give pupils things to take away with them from our golf schools and golf lessons.  Here we get a chance to do this more style and branding but also saving us in cost in relation to printing, mailing and time.

For those larger academies the cost of producing manuals it huge here there is no cost.

Give out test ebook site a go logon to username is merv password is testing.

View the video below to see how it works.