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Rangefinders and GPS

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

One surprising thing for me was the abundance of rangefinders and GPS systems on show at the PGA show.  Bushnell have decided to enter the GPS market with a budget GPS that gives you front, middle and back on the green Bushnell GPS.  I was also shows 4 more models if my memory serves me correctly the Bushnell V2 Tour will be released in the middle of the year with a slope option and the will be upgraded to the Bushnell 1550 Tournamantto the Bushnell 1600 Tournament.  This unit it almost the same in terms of technology but it now boasts an outer cover made from a protective rubber to aid protection.

There must be something to the GPS systems though as I must have seen at least 6 companies inn the market place including Skygolf, Garman and many more.

One thing I did lean is that a company called Igolf provide many of the companies with the course information and mapping.  So most devices will be as good or bad as each other.

My elite players seen to prefer the accuracy of the laser range finders but my frieds that comentateon tour use the GPS systems.  There is a view you almost need both to get accurate distances to the pin with the laser rangefinders but the GPS systems to gain distances to hazards and places on the green.

One thing is for sure they are here to stay and with the likes of the English Golf Union allowing the distance measuring devices in their tournament this year I see there will be no going back.  Could this spell the end to the course planners.

A sign of technology taking over from paper.  Maybe we will see faster games of golf in the future.