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Gasp Lab release date 10th May 2008
We have now completed our first stages of GASP lab our new flagship video and studio analysis software and system for the serious coach.
GASP video has been the leader in functionality and ease of use for sometime now with over 3000 Professional users worldwide.
So what different in GASP lab from GASP video?
The first thing is that the interface is new and totally customisable so everyone has the chance to organise their layout as they see fit. Over the years we have had many comments from customers that they would love the chance to have a different look and feel to their program. Now your have with GASP lab.
As we all know everyone uses a system in a different way so we have given everyone the chance in GASP lab to do just that.
There is one particular part of the interface that allows the coach to choose his or her favourite tools and to have those tools at their fingertips. This aid of course the speed in which you can use the program everyone gets the system how they want it.
Then we have the ability to capture from wide screen camera, high speed cameras, dv cameras and cctv cameras either in a single camera or multi-camera mode, full screen or in the interfaces window.
We have added several new tools such as freehand, multi-angle, square. All of the drawing tools have been enhanced with a drop shadow for a superior look.
Operation tools now allow you to email swings to the pupil directly to the pupil through our ftp site rather than email.
The biggest difference is the addition of a force plate to the system with Trackman, Putt lab, 3d biomechanics to follow in release 2.
Anyone who has GASP video already can upgrade.
GASP video M-camera upgrade cost £1000
GASP video Single camera upgrade cost £2000
As an incentive to upgrade we have a special offer to our existing customers of 50% off for the first 25 customers wishing to upgrade.

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