Sport Analysis Software

GASP systems supply many solutions for sports and sports bodies including the British Tennis Association, Cue Sports (Terry Griffiths), Cricket clubs, Athletics and many more. The systems versatility and quality allows it to be used with any sporting activity.

GASP software title are state–of–the–art video analysis products that allow the user to evaluate motion in a simple and easy way. It will allows the correction of mechanics and show, visually, improvement.

These titles, including GASP Lab our premiere title, are used world-wide by clients ranging from PGA professional to SKY Sports and are regarded as the easiest to operate and most comprehensive software on the market.


  1. Single or Multi DV capture
  2. Automatic hit mic capibility
  3. Superimpose overlay
  4. Time laps sequencer
  5. 17 Drawing Tools
  6. Full Screen playback
  7. Remote control
  8. Module compatibility with GASP plugins