GASPLab Upgrade

GASP Lab Upgrade to (64 Bit)



GASP Lab 6 (64 Bit) systems is a major breakthrough in video capture for coaches.

Video capture has never been so powerful and with 64 bit technology we can maximize the capture rates and resolutions of cameras to give multi- camera capture at maximum capacity. Typically, if you had a 32 bit program you would have had to reduce your frame rate and resolution of your cameras to stay well below the 2Gb RAM usage that 32 bit restricts you to. Additional RAM meant you had to reduce the camera frame rate and resolution, even if your cameras were capable of much more. Now with GASP Lab 6 we can use all of the Ram available in your machine, so now there is no restrictions. For example, 3 Cameras running at HD on a 32 bit system would need to restricted to 60 fps, now you can run a 250 fps. It also makes for a faster system and has allowed us to integrate more.

What we integrate with:

  • Our new Dual Research Grade Force Plate System used by many researchers around the world. We not only capture vertical forces, but horizontal left/right, horizontal toe/heel and rotational torque. With a dual plate we have the advantage of meassuring forces under each foot as well as the combined forces up to 1000 HZ. This allows us to measure and display force vectors, rather than just a vertical componant of the GRF. Nowhere in the golf analysis market has there been an ability to anayise Ground Reaction Force in this way before.
  • Launch Monitor integration: Trackman 2, 3, 3e, 4, Foresight Sports GC2 and Flightscope.
  • K Vest 3D and 6D
  • SAM Putt Lab
  • Boditrak Pressure Mats
  • SAM Balance Lab

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