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GASP Lab 7 Non Live Capture



With an all new look & functionality Gasp Lab 6 is the new bench mark in video analysis. All the data windows can be docked off to the screen edge & automatically slide back into view when the mouse touches their border. This keeps your video area clear & uncluttered except for your chosen windows which can be sized to suit or split to other screens on a shared desktop.

Both Facebook & Twitter have their own live columns allowing posting direct from the program along with our online Booking Diary for live lesson booking.

This is the entry level version with no live record but videos are imported from various sources & formats such as the Casio Exilim camera range or video files from storage cards & drives.

It does have all the drawing & effects tools such as: Freehand, Arrow, Circle, Rectangle, Clock Face, Straight Line, Angle, Club Speed, Text, Erase, Curved Arrow, Ruler, Square, Colour Set, Ellipse & Line Thickness.

Effects: Silhouette, Strobe, 4 & 8 Windows & Mirror.

Other tools include: Full Student & Pro Database, Save, Import, Zoom (4 magnifications), PiP Zoom (4 magnifications), Pan, Fast Video, Print, Synchronize, Ebook, Motion Detection, Restore Layout, Settings & 10 Point Swing Position Tabs.

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