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The hardware that we supply at GASP Systems include solutions for every eventuality, from K-Vest 3D Biomechanics, ultra sound SAM Putt Lab, to Force Plates for balance analysis, high speed cameras and launch monitors. These are just some examples of our hardware solutions.

Having these systems is only part of the picture, to be able to use them effectively is vital to any coach in their quest for swift and accurate analysis. GASP Systems offer training and installation of all products as well as offering sound advise in how to market and use every tool effectively.

The K-Vest 3D Biomechanics system is a unique product offering wireless measurement in 3D, accurate to 1 degree. Information on movement is vital in the effort for information and performance in any sporting field and the K-Vest 3D Biomechanics systems delivers in spades.

As any golfer will tell you, putting is a vital part of the game, but many golfers feel they can already putt. In putting there is less chance of miss hits, duff's and topped shots, however, even though poor shots are less this doesn't mean that you can putt well. With the SAM Putt Lab you will be armed with accurate measurements to within 0.1 degrees enabling you to adjust with ease and measure again without the need for guess work. The SAM Putt Lab stands way out on its own in putting analysis with users including Tiger Woods to name but one. Good enough for Tiger, good enough for everyone else.

The Force Plate that we provide offers important information that otherwise would not be available in conventional tuition. What you see is not always what you get and video can be miss-leading. The Force Plate delivers accurate information without the guess work. So many mistakes in the swing are created by having a poor weight position at the start of the swing, or weight transfer during the swing. You would not find it surprising that these important things can not be accurate unless you are measuring it correctly with a Force Plate.

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