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Product Description



SAM Ball Tracker is the next instalment of Science & Motion for professional putting training. The system uses a calibrated high-speed camera mounted just above the putting area.

SAM Ball Tracker is a seamless extension to SAM PuttLab and offers an overall ball performance analysis, including many targets, integration with platforms, auto-calibration on breaking putts, visualisation of the optimal putt, detailed result reports and 3D replay for training purposes.

  • Putting launch monitor
  • Real ball traces and shot pattern (accuracy and consistency)
  • Complete ball performance (speed drop, skid distance, roll ratio, effective stimp)
  • Display of aim spot, ideal path and comparison to actual putt
  • For straight and breaking putts (adaptive to any break and pitch)
  • Detection of flexible target positions
  • Automatic integration with SAM PuttLab

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  • Add-on to SAM PuttLab putter data
  • Putter fitting
  • Ball performance testing
  • Green reading
  • Break putt training

Learning to correctly read and play breaking putts is often a problem due to a lack of accurate feedback and the multiple sources of errors. The SAM BallTracker exactly shows for each putt where you went wrong. Additionally to all ball performance parameters the software shows the ideal putt, the slowest and fastest possible putt, and differences of your putts relative to the optimal solution.

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