:: Boditrak Pressure Mat Vector

Boditrak Pressure Mat Vector


Boditrak Pressure Mat Large


Product Description



Integrated with GASPlab and also has its own stand alone IPad software.

Size 24 inches x 45 inches

Sensor Type BT2 T10

Sensor Sensor Size 531 sq in 18.5×28.7

Sensor Physical Size 24 X 36 inches

WiFi Scan Rate 60 Hz

CPU and Wireless Onboard Sensor

Software BodiTrak Golf

Mobile Device Compatible iPad*

Weight 8.2 lbs

Portable 5v Powerbank** Up to 6 hours

Wireless Version (on Sensor) 802.11 b/g/n

Return Policy 30 day free returns*Use with: iPad, IOC 11.0 or higher minimum, 32 Gig capacity, regular size iPad, iPad Pro or iPad Air **Power the BodiTrak sensor with a 5v cellphone type, charger or portable powerbank