Force Plates for Golf

Dual Force Plates

Dual Force Plates

Unprecedented information and accuracy as to how a player uses the ground. We measure data under each foot as well as the combined data from both feet. This includes:-

  • Vertical Force Left
  • Vertical Force Right
  • Vertical force Combined
  • Horizontal Left/Right Force,
  • Horizontal Toe/Heel Force,
  • Rotational Forces Right
  • Rotational Forces Left
  • Rotational Force Combined
  • Centre of Pressure Trace
  • Horizontal Centre Mass
  • Force Vectors
  • Moment arm Estimation
  • Torque Estimation

With this information, collected up to 1500HZ synchronised to high speed video, launch data and 3d body movement combine it with GASP Lab 6 64 bit, there is no other Golf System available that allows you to analyse Ground Reaction Forces at this level of accuracy and detail.

We offer 2 pairs of Force Plates. A portable system and a static system. For more technical information see more downloads.

Price £ POA (GBP)
Price excludes V.A.T and shipping.

GASPLab 6 with dual Force Plate

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